iPhone 5S has been officially introduced. In addition to new color options of silver and gold, Apple also embed a numberof exciting new features in this latest iPhone handset.These features add to the attraction than the previous iPhone iPhone 5S, as well as make it more relevant to current developments.
What are the new things to offer the iPhone 5S? Here’s the explanation, as quoted from The Verge.

  1. 64bit processors. iPhone 5S is called to be the world’s first smartphone that comes in the form of a 64 bit processor chip Apple A7. Apple claims that this processor has a data processing and graphics performance two times faster than its predecessor, the iPhone 5 Apple A6.

    Apple’s iOS operating system helped prepare the following 7 applications that can take advantage of 64bit architecture of the iPhone 5S. The phone is also capable of running the software titles designed 32bit to its predecessor.

  2.  Companion processor to monitor the motion sensor. In addition to the main A7 processor, Apple has also contributed to a processor companion named M7. His job is specifically to handle inputs from a variety of sensors on the iPhone, including the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass.

    Prosor companion reduces the processing load on the main processor and open the possibility of use by navigation applications and health, such as Nike + Move.

  3. Fingerprint scanner. This one features related to security. iPhone 5S able to take advantage of the user’s fingerprint instead of a password to login, including the iPhone unlock on the lockscreen.Services such as Apple’s iTunes also supports user authentication through fingerprint scanning.
    Fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S integrated on the button “Home” in the face. Now the key is made of sapphire material which is anti-scratch and fingerprint are able to scan users from various directions.
  4.  Camera “iSight” new. The camera unit has a sensor on the iPhone 5S in size 15 percent larger than its predecessor. The larger sensor also increases the size of each photodiode (pixel), which in turn improves the quality of images produced.This concept is similar to the technology “Ultrapixel” from HTC. However, Apple does not cut or increase the resolution of the camera, but still retains the score at 8 megapixels.
    Completeness is not less interesting is the two-color flash light which automatically adjusts the white balance of flash output in order to comply with environmental light conditions.
    In addition, there is also the ability to record slow-motion video with a frame rate of 120 FPS at 1280 x 720.

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