Almost everyone knows that sex is a great workout. But what many people don’t know is that it has miraculous effects on the body in terms of dealing with health problems related to stress, anxiety, headache and even cold and fever. You will feel the effect during or immediately after love making. Those who indulge in sex regularly have benefited from health related problems to a great extent.

Here are 7 reasons why sex is a good medicine.


1. It helps to cope with depression

Sex produces the endorphin rush in the blood stream producing pleasure and satisfaction. Regular sexual activity makes you feel happier, more content and relaxed. It has proven to be successful in curing mild depression.

2. It acts as a natural antihistamine

If you have a blocked nose or cold, have sex. You will experience that your nasal passage clears instantly, relieving congestion and allowing you to breathe freely. It also helps reduce asthma attacks and fights with hay fever.

3. It helps you lose weight

Love making is proven to be as effective as weight training or cardio as you exercise all your muscles for an extended period of time in various positions. It also tones your muscles and gives your body a better shape.

4. It helps combat headache, migraine and sinus

Sinus results from stuffy nasal passage which can be effectively prevented with regular sex. It also eases the restriction of blood vessels in the brain which helps you relax and prevents headache and serious complaints like migraine.

5. It helps to repair damaged skin

Soothing and gentle love making makes your skin glow. It prevents your skin from developing dermatitis, blemishes and rashes. The secret to a healthy, glowing skin is not necessarily a beauty product; it can be more fun than that.

6. It reduces hair dryness and makes it smoother and shinier

While having sex, your body produces large amount of estrogen. This hormone reduces dryness and makes your hair smoother and shinier.

7. It acts as a tranquilizer

After having sex, you feel tired and exhausted but relaxed nonetheless. Hence, you should have sex regularly to promote overall well-being. It acts as a natural tranquilizer on your body. You can sleep like a baby and will certainly not need pills to sleep at night even during stressful times.

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