You want a baby after being a newlywed? There are some sex positions recommended for those wishing to immediately blessed with a baby.

According to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, effective fertilization will occur if ejaculation occurs on the inside of the vagina. So the recommended position is the perfect penetration

Scissors Position

Should not require you to have a really flexible body to perform this position. All you have to do is equally lay while lifting one leg into the air. Then allowing penetration. Both legs and hips brought closer interlocking with each other.

Doggy Style Position

However, penetration with this position is powerful enough for fertilization. The position of Mr P will go deep enough when ejaculation takes place.

With this position, lift your hips so that penetration is more perfect. Lower the upper body making it easier for couples.

Position of The Feet at The Shoulder

Lift both legs and positioned on the shoulders of the couple. If it is less high hip position, then you can use the help of a pillow. Set up a comfortable height for you and your husband.

Adjoin Posisiton

This position is a romantic position that makes you and your husband feel closer. This position is in addition to facilitate penetration also increased closeness with a partner. So you and your husband can keep kissing or looking at each other.

There are many other factors that affect pregnancy. Factors such as fertility and stress disorders or diseases that would make pregnancy delayed or disrupted. To that end, it is always advisable that couples premarital check-up that can be done before or after marriage so that if there is a problem in one partner, it can be addressed as early as possible.

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