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British cyclist’s near miss with train

by imadenews

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British Transport Police have released footage of the shocking moment a cyclist is just inches from being struck by a train at a level crossing in Cambridgeshire. British police are appealing for witnesses after a cyclist narrowly avoided being hit by a train.

Officers released the footage of the incident, which took place at Waterbeach level crossing, in a bid to identify the woman and highlight the dangers of misusing level crossings.

Police constable Matt Mildinhall, the investigating officer, said the footage shows a woman approach the crossing around 6.30pm as the barriers are down.

“She passes through the barriers and onto the line before braking hard, just seconds before a train passes through,” he said.

The footage comes after Network Rail recently launched Track Tests, a safety campaign that revealed a third of people (32%) think they would hear a train in time to move out of the way.

Richard Schofield of Network Rail said the incident was “one of the closest incidents of near miss we’ve seen.”

“The person using the crossing not only didn’t hear the train but ignored the warning lights and barriers, putting her life, the lives of passengers and the train driver in danger.

“Warning systems at level crossings are there for a reason, to protect users from the railway. I hope the release of this footage will highlight the importance of following the safety advice at level crossings,” Schofield said.

Mildinhall said police were “very keen to speak to the woman in this footage and explain the danger she not only put herself in but others around the crossing at the time.”

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