Condoms not only act as a protective and prevent pregnancy alone. There are many other benefits that can be obtained when using a condom. Research at Beijing Friendship Hospital, as reported by IndiaTimes says that condoms are very important to help control the population and birth rate. Men and women who are married, and want to control pregnancy is recommended to wear a condom during sex. Especially those who are reluctant to use other contraceptives. Sometimes the body does not always match the recommended

contraceptives, and condoms barely had minus the mismatch, so the choice of contraceptives most favorite.

Protect the Miss V

In addition to contraception, condoms can protect the vagina from bacteria and microbes. Scientists discover bacteria that often interfere with the cleanliness of the vagina lately.

In the vagina itself actually has no living bacteria, as natural flora Miss V. And flora is exactly what keep the pH of the vagina remain at 4.5. However, with the presence of other bacteria, acidity of the vagina can be disrupted, and this is what often leads to infection or fungal Miss V.

Condom use alone helps prevent this. Assisted with special soap womanhood that keep the pH in balance, the vagina will stay clean, fragrant and healthy.

You never know when it will move and bacteria thrive in the Miss V. To prevent infection or other disorders in the vagina, use a condom when having sex with their husbands, as well as to control the pregnancy according to plan that you and your husband.

So don’t ever doubt for using condom or not 🙂

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