Five_Healthy_Foods_Stress_relieverWho does not like the food? I’m sure all the readers who are on a diet though certainly love to eat delicious food. Not only as a means to indulge tongue, delicious food can also make your mind becomes more tranquil and even prevent you from stress. Five kinds of food such as:

Yogurt and Dairy Products.

Tyrosine content of its compounds can stimulate an increase in the hormone serotonin. This is the hormone that makes you feel happy and help you withstand the pressure coming stress.

Natural Dark Chocolate.

Taste is bitter and not as good as chocolate mixed with milk and sugar. But, just this bitter taste that good to eliminate the stress that interferes. Dark chocolate can activate the hormone serotonin. These foods are also an aphrodisiac that produces feelings of joy.

Orange variety.

Orange with a sweet and sour taste of this fresh scented contain natural sugars that will not endanger your health. Eating grapefruit can increase brain function. And as already Temans know, oranges are rich in vitamin C to nourish and strengthen the immune system, either from seasonal disease or stress attacks.

Green Vegetables and Garlic.

With dark green vegetables such as broccoli and garlic has the ability to fight various diseases. Both types of vegetables have a positive impact whole body health support. Not only physical health, but also peace of mind.

Decoction of Chamomile and Green Tea.

Cup of decoction of chamomile flowers or green tea with jasmine scent has long been known as a drink that can calm the mind. If you drink two this fragrant dish on a regular basis, it will help you strengthen your immune system and normalize the nervous system.

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