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Hacker Anonymous Indonesia Attack Australian Website

by imadenews

anonymous-indonesia-Hacker_uue1eiHacker group Anonymous claimed to belong to Indonesia recently invaded hundreds of Australia website . Reportedly , more than 200 website domain ending with . Au experienced deface . the hackers switch the web page with the message reads ‘S ‘  . Some websites are conceded in action this defacement as brisbanetimberwindows.com.au , perthclairvoyant.com.au and petprotector.net.au . Indeed, most of the targeted website is not related to espionage , so the attack allegedly carried out by random .

Anonymus itself is a group of international hackers who reportedly operates in many countries . Cyber ​​attack their motives are usually associated with political affairs .

Piercing action by Indonesian hacker is motivated allegations that the Australian government had a role in spying against Indonesia.

In documents leaked by Edward Snowden , U.S. agent who defected , the U.S. government reported on Indonesian espionage lead . One of them is by utilizing the Australian embassy in Jakarta .

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