Many people still think that water can help hydrate the skin. Well, that is true, but only when we consume mineral water. Another case when we wash the skin with water.

When we wash the skin with water, then the water will just take the oil that clog skin and if left unchecked, it will dry by itself. Initially may feel fresh, but over time can give the effect that the skin becomes dry.

That is why after a shower or wash your face and hands, you should use a moisturizer afterwards. It is to add and lock moisture in the skin. Easy tips to make skin moisture awake longer and soak into the skin is by patting the skin after using lotion. This method is usually used to help the lotion seep in the face more quickly. As for body skin and hands, simply applied while a massage. But again, this should be done after you wash water on the skin. Thus, because the lotion can seep under the skin is still moist.

Meanwhile, drinking mineral water alone can not directly give you the effect of moist skin. Drinking water is going to give you fluids from within, but even then still be equipped with vitamins from fruits and vegetables. So even if you drink the water, but it will not be much help if you are still too many instant foods or too many processed foods.

Do not just drink water, use moisturizer and lotion as well as the consumption of natural vitamin foods such as fruits and vegetables if you want to get the skin moist and beautiful.


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