Children are a gift from the Almighty, as well as the sex of the baby is not 100% predictable by any means. Even so, there are few studies that seek to help couples have a baby according to
the desired gender.

The results may not be 100% accurate, but most people have been tried and no success.

Maybe you‘ve heard of a study that the baby’s sex is determined by a Y sperm chromosome or chromosome X that can survive and fertilize the egg. As quoted from the ezine, if the Y chromosome that successfully fertilize the egg, then the baby is born tend to be male sex. Whereas if the X chromosome sperm that fertilizes the egg, the baby who was born female gender tended.

Chromosomal Natures
Each chromosome contained in the sperm has a different character.

Y chromosome

  •      Chromosomes are a nimble and agile
  •      The road quickly
  •      Unfortunately, he was not long, only lasts 1-2 days
  •      The sex of a baby boy

X chromosome

  •      Chromosome is running slow
  •      Age much longer, can last at least 4-5 days after release
  •      Sex of baby girl  

Its means, if you want a baby boy, you have to help the sperm (Y chromosome) wins and inseminate the ovum.

How to help the Y Chromosome ??

First Method :

The most effective way is to calculate the day of ovulation, approaching last day (observed date of ovulation). When the ovum is in the middle of the uterus, is where a good time to have intercourse. Because of its proximity, the Y chromosome sperm have a great chance to fertilize an ovum and does not die.

Second Method :

The second way is quite effective and support the first way is to have intercourse, in which the position of the closest intercourse.

This will help the sperm sprayed closer to the ovum. And the recommended position is doggie style.

This is the position where the woman is in a position resting on both knees and hands, then leaned back and like lying on a bed. This position will provide full access for deep penetration so that the Y chromosome sperm sprinting to fertilize an ovum.

In order to remain comfortable doggie style

Not all of women love this position, especially those who are reluctant to try a new position, or lazy. In order to remain comfortable doggie style position, rest on a pillow or a soft bed or sofa. Hold on to the wall or headboard or a sofa that can also head of the body is much more balanced.  

So try this Methods to get a baby boy 🙂 Good Luck 

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