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Juwita Thofany Sanjaya (born in Jakarta, January 1, 1996) is a dangdut singer and Cinema actress who is the daughter of both spouses Memo Sanjaya and Annisa Bahar (now divorced). He became known publicly through the action singing Maybe Yes Maybe No at a show SCTV Music Awards in 2008. His name is more flying through the Cinema Tv Eneng, MD Entertainment production. His personal life is often highlighted through public feud with the mother Annisa Bahar.


Before known as a singer and actress , Juwita name once graced various infotainment news in 2008 . At that time, Juwi faced with the harsh reality that his mother , Annisa Bahar , do not acknowledge it as a child . When it was the middle of Annisa in the height of popularity and claim to have never married . The rejection was so impress upon Juwita , up until now have not been willing to forgive his mother . Even after Juwi coma for 15 days at December 15, 2006 due to inflammation of the brain and helps Annisa maintenance costs , Juwi attitude remains the same .

Although since childhood has been singing at various cafes and events , career Juwita darted after him a show SCTV Music Awards in 2008 . After a rendition of ” Maybe Yes Maybe No” , Juwi immediately attracted the attention of some ‘ bigwigs ‘ world of Indonesian entertainment. Various bids were coming .

Juwita now have the opportunity to follow her mother’s footsteps as a professional singer . Juwi debut album titled ” Maybe Yes Maybe No” (2008 ) was released in Central Jakarta , on January 26, 2008. Nagaswara production launch of the album , Juwi invite street children while enjoying a game there . Juwita action with competition from her mother and brother duo , Jelita Bahar ( which is now part Annisa ) who also released an album with a song titled Duet Splashy mainstay same title .
Cinema Tv:
Mendadak Dangdut The Series

Maybe Yes Maybe No (2008)

Buka Dikit Joss

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