Although at first they wanted to take care of their own first baby, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, who recently became a mother, it seems unable to do so. He was known to employ a nanny.

Although William and Kate seem perfect as a figure of today’s parents, who lived flurry both pretty solid. Finally, they asked for help from Jessie Webb, a former nanny of Prince William as a child, to care for George Alexander Louis, who was born last month of July 2013.

According to People magazine, Jessie, who is now 71 years old, it has been a long time in the environment nanny noble families. His career began in the royal house in North Wales. And now, he joined with friends William visited Scotland to meet great-grandparents Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

He (Jessie) is the belief that the royal family safe. He knows how to handle and know what’s going on, said Ingrid Seward, author of A Century of Children Rayal. Preferably caregiver time than someone new, he continued.

Jessie came from London and was employed by parents William, the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles, to care for him and his brother Harry. He even attended a 21st birthday with William and Kate’s wedding in 2011.

Assistance will be very exciting for new parents mate, William and Kate.

Earlier, William had said that if he had not had enough sleep even though he said the better (although the lack of sleep due to taking care of their children), said Seward.

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