Although Rain has already been discharged, political circles as well as netizens have been calling for his re-enlistment along with other celebrity soldiers who were said to have become celebrity soldiers without all the necessary documents.

In response, the Ministry of Defense has stepped up to point out that the matter at hand is not something that should be thought of with re-enlistment in mind as the solution. They reason that although it is true that there were some documents that were not included when bringing Rain in as a celebrity recruit, this was due to different interpretations on the regulations about what documents were necessary for the celebrity soldier qualification process. For example, the regulation is said to call for a confirmation note and a letter of recommendation regarding the celeb’s activities – however some interpret this to mean that just the confirmation note alone is enough while others might think that it means a letter of recommendation is also required in addition to the confirmation note. 


They also reasoned that this is just a discrepancy in the matter of Rain transferring into the celebrity recruit unit, not a problem that exists with his actual enlistment into the military. Since they say there was no problem with Rain’s actual enlistment, he cannot be called to re-enlist.


A rep from the Ministry of Defense commented, “Rain already finished his military service and was discharged as normal, so for him to ‘re-enlist’ means that we must consider all the duties he carried out during his service as invalid.”


Another rep stated, “Rain’s re-enlistment is impossible. Rain, as well as other celebrity soldiers who have been discharged, have all lawfully completed their service… Unless a violation has occurred within military service law [regarding enlistment], we cannot force re-enlistment.”

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