Jennifer_HawkinsToo fat, too skinny … just not right? Celebrity fashion model Jennifer Hawkins has come under fire for her recent catwalk appearance. Hawkins’ display at the Myer spring/summer fashion launch on Thursday night has ignited a fresh debate about the recently married model’s weight. As she walked down the runway wearing one of her own bikini designs, murmurs began in the bleachers.

“She looks very thin”, “she must have starved herself” went the mutterings as the leggy blonde, a size eight, pouted for the cameras.

“I actually thought she looked stunning. She still has a booty and from my perspective I thought her figure was spanking,” said Harper’s Bazaar editor, Kellie Hush.

But on social media it was another matter, with Twitter conversations ranging from “Jen should eat something” to “she’s waaaaay too skinny”.

It was a repeat of her 2010 runway turn, when Hawkins put her thinner physique down to a bout of food poisoning.

On Thursday night Hawkins’ manager Sean Anderson said his client had been following her usual diet and exercise regime.

The former beauty pageant queen and cheerleader was never a traditional size zero model, but a celebrity the department store hired to appeal to the masses.

Rival David Jones adopted a similar strategy when it took on the latest of its ambassadors, Jessica Gomes, a size eight who follows Miranda Kerr (size six) and Megan Gale (size eight).

And yet it was reported last week that when Gomes emerged on the David Jones catwalk, she attracted criticism for being “fat”.

According to a report in the Murdoch press, ironically the same media company that this year launched the Get Real Campaign, aimed at banishing thin models from the runway: “Some guests were overheard making jibes about, of all things, her weight. ‘You’d think she would have gone to the gym before the show,’ said one male attendee. ‘Can you see her stretch marks,’ asked another.”

In fact, it was because of her famous curves that Gomes landed the cover of the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated, the same vehicle that launched Elle Macpherson’s stellar career.

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