Did you know that the coolest way to help you lose weight? The Experts agree that sex is one of them. Sexual activity for 30 minutes can burn about 350 calories. This means your body has none chance to store excess calories can be fat. In fact an author Kerry McCloskey book called “The Ultimate Sex Diet” says in his book, sex is the most sophisticated sports machine, fun, free of charge and has tremendous health benefits.

Similar feelings were expressed by Dr. Basheer Ahmad Roy, sexologists origin Bangalore, India which states that almost all muscles including the legs, thighs, arms, shoulders and lower abdomen will interact during intercourse. That is why having sex good for muscle toning and weight loss.

This is the benefit of having sex for our healthy:

  1. Burn Calories
    Sex for 30 minutes burns as many calories as brisk walking exercise with the same duration. Kerry suggested if one is constrained to do brisk walking or jogging, the people should turn to sex in order to keep her weight under control.
  2. Muscles Tighten
    Sexual can train  muscles power like arms, hips, legs and more. This means that sex is also a positive benefit to increase muscle strength as well as making it much faster.
  3. Easy and Fast
    Sexual intercourse still provide health benefits even if done in a short time. When you and your partner do not have time to have sex, try to do a quickie sex or a quickie.Feeling pressed for time can actually increase the adrenaline and sex drive. You had a chance to burn more calories while increasing blood circulation which is good for your body’s health cardiovascular system.
  4. Prevent Emotional Eating
    Emotional eating or overeating usually occurs in people who are stressed or depressed. As a result, people tend to gain weight as a result of excessive food consumption.Well, having sex can prevent this from happening. Having sex can reduce stress and the risk of depression. Endorphin hormones that appear when a person is suspected to have sex can help relieve stress, control appetite and prevent emotional eating.As we know that happy endorphin hormone is a hormone that can make a person feeling much better and comfortable. Endorphin hormone also plays an important role in enhancing the immune system that is not easily attacked by diseases.

    So, if you want to slim down you should start making love diligently.


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