Care for oily skin is tricky . Although many products are said to help remove the excess oil potent , yet in fact, every day you still have to lift the oil from your face with the help of
oil face paper .

Not to mention the problems that you are experiencing such as acne , blackheads , and so forth . It was already getting tired . I wonder when this issue will come to an end ?Oily skin has indeed you must know what you are doing . You are also required careful to choose products that do have the best quality of oil lifted and solve skin problems that you have .Be sure to buy and use products that cater oily or combination skin type , because the formula is designed to overcome the existing problems . Do not occasionally use the product for normal or dry skin , as it will increase the amount of oil in the face .Also, look also 4 important things the following :CleansingChoosing a cleanser is very important , because it is generally supplied milk cleanser , while your skin is too much oil content . For that , select the formula that is made ​​for oily skin , which is only a little oil content .Then continue with the soap , which will remove the remaining oil after wearing makeup and cleanser . The next step needs to be balanced with the toner , so that fresh skin and helps remove traces of dirt , oil and makeup that may not have been lifted by the cleanser and facial wash .The result will be better if you wear double step over . Avoid cleaning the face with a single step if you have oily skin . That will only make the oil on the face is getting worse .Use sunscreenSunscreen is highly recommended for all skin types . And it will provide many benefits to your skin when you go outdoors and exposed to sunlight . Especially for oily skin , you should wear sunscreen with at least SPF 20 . Apply again every 2 hours to give maximum protection .Choose makeupChoosing makeup also can not be indiscriminate . It’s not a lot of makeup that is devoted to oily skin . But you can select them based on the content of which he had . Generally , a friendly, safe makeup for oily skin types is the basic ingredients of water .Select products are also liquid form so as not to clog pores and increase the amount of oil in the face .Avoid fried foodsThe best way to reduce the oil content in the face is to avoid fried foods . However , fried foods or fried foods contain a lot of fats and oils that will increase the amount of oil in the body , including the face .It is recommended that you eat more fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber .Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day so that the body and the skin does not get dehydrated . Water can also help alleviate problems with acne prone skin .

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