Relationship harmony pair of men and women who had been married very influenced by the quality of their sexual relationship. In addition to getting the desired sexual satisfaction, and sex also play a role in increasing emotional intimacy with a partner.Therefore, the satisfaction of making love itself should be felt by both parties. Because, when only one partner is getting maximum satisfaction, would appear to be a complicated problem if left alone.

If one side of the pair of men and women have earned maximum satisfaction, then he should still strive to provide similar pleasure for his partner. However, many people are exhausted before successfully satisfy their partner. For those of you who have a similar problem, which will be presented in the following are tips to be stronger sex.


1. Has become commonplace when couples are too tired after reaching its climax will instantly fall asleep. So what if they want to continue making love to the next round?
Provide incentives in the form of soft touch hair, chest, or sex organs known as the easiest method to revive your sex drive.

2. Giving hugs and kisses after sex is considered only as an expression of affection for most people. This method also proved to be effective to stimulate and arouse sex desire to proceed to the next round.

3. Catapult compliment each other after both reached the peak of pleasure sex can relieve fatigue will be available. Not only that, with verbal cues such praise one can rise up again to get to the next round passion.

4. Massaging the chest to the abdomen or back gently will help your partner to relax after a tired achieve orgasm. Intimate massage on sensitive points owned by the couple will serve as a positive pep love in the next round.

5. No doubt if you will be sweating a lot after sex with a partner. Make this as a reason for you to have quality time with your loved ones shared bathroom.
With each rub soap on your partner’s body will be successful fishing partner passion to start fighting again.

6. Couples who are both busy working will not have much power when having sexual intercourse. To get the maximum satisfaction, efforts were made to increase the stamina to make love stronger.

7a. For men in, or drinking herbal tonic was chosen as a significant alternative to help maintain power when making love.

7b. For women, taking the herbs or herbal alternatives are also made to compensate stamina sex couples if you want to hold as long as possible ..

8. Exercise also believed to be a healthy method to stay awake in order to be strong stamina sex beronde-round in order to achieve maximum satisfaction.

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