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Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20)

by imadenews

Weekly Horoscope for Taurus


September 30th – October 6th, 2013


Spending and demands on ‘need’ may rise slightly and you could begin to ‘feel’ they drain you so badly that your fear and insecurity bone starts to vibrate nightmares and other ‘haunting/taunting’ thoughts. Give them the BOOT! Your stars say more money is on the way SOON and you are only ‘woolgathering at this time’ because you are worried that there ‘will not be enough’. It is normal ‘now’ for expenses and demands to go on the rise slightly for some Bulls. Just take it in stride, get it handled and wait for it to ‘level off’. The universe will ‘put back’ two for every one it takes this week. Sock in supplies, keep your family feeling ‘warm and cozy’ entertained and joyful and do NOT show ‘worry’ if you are a ‘key/pivotal’ role member. Enjoyable gatherings may need some ‘splash cash’ the 3rd to 5th and without going ‘overboard’ toss an extra 15% into it just to make it ‘a little more fun’. Consider it therapy to ‘Stop scaring yourself…!’



Here is where you may SEE some actual ‘fear’ manifest as you could GET a small ‘scare’ especially IF you are paired to Sagittarius, Gemini, Scorpio, Cancer, Aquarius, other Bulls or Virgo and they start to either ‘appear restless and unhappy for some reason’ OR, an old love resurfaces in their lives. Remain CALM, whatever you do. IF they are board or restless; plan a fun weekend, spice up the romance and shower them with attention. IF it’s an old love; don’t get all ‘territorial;’ that won’t help. Instead, ask what you can do to help them manage this ’emotionally inconsiderate intrusion into their psyche’. They may suddenly realize, “OH, yes… that IS just what this IS!”… and the resentment that could arise FROM that thought, will do YOUR job FOR you!



IF you come up against ANY ‘big life challenges’ this week, the best thing to do is first go run it by a trusted pal and then take it to a pro; do both, but do not stop at JUST the friend! IF you need a hand with a home project, a fix it or a seasonal cleaning job, then a pal is your best choice but if your future or your heart is on the line, better call a pro!



You may find a hefty bit of ‘takes money to make money’ energy filling the 30th to 1st and the amounts in come cases MAY be ‘staggering’ if not ‘risky’ but appear to be ‘well worth it’ for those who do ‘jump in with both feet’. A few of you MAY have ‘cross words’ with a coworker or ‘lateral personality’ the 31st, especially IF they are a Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio or Cancer. Your impatience and fuse are on ‘quick burn’ that day, especially over money or IF you are ‘under the gun’ because of money. Good news and exciting deals are likely the 1st to 3rd. Invitations to travel, speak, present and ‘showcase’ your talents are highly likely and may come from both ‘far away’ and ‘unusual/untypical sources/places’.



VERY good, especially if placed in a risk, projected into the future or done in ‘large amounts’.


Overview for Taurus


State of Mind: From ‘testy’ to relieved
Karma Numbers: 2, 4, 10, 22, 24
Buzz Words: Escape!
Compatible Sign: Leo, Cancer, Sagittarius

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