Death is certain, and will pick up any living creature, anywhere, anytime. There is no one person who knows when death will come, because that’s readiness to face death is absolutely necessary. Death is a new beginning, in which the affairs of the world is over and time to start the journey in the other world. Losing someone who always goes certainly very painful, but scientists say that people who had just died, can be turned on again.

Sam Parnia, 41, physician scientist at the Medical University of Stony Brook, New York, United States of America can claim to revive the recently deceased. Sam apparently wrote a book called Delete Death, Sam said that the medical could resurrect someone who has died a few hours. Not just a few hours, a few days can live again! Wow how?

According to Sam, in the last decade medical science has shown a lot of progress. With current drugs, humans can be turned on for two hours, even longer after their heart stopped beating. “If there is a defibrillator paddles that make the heart beat again, then it is not impossible that there are tools to make all the organs back to work” said Sam again.

Sam apparently serious with his determination to be ‘reject’ death came. Sam wants humans to live longer with a variety of drugs and devices that can slow down the damage to organs that will automatically stop working when there is no more beating heart. So what makes Sam so stubborn to realize this desire?

Apparently the first Sam lost one patient who had a close emotional relationship with him. Since then, Sam wants to be a deceased person can be turned on again. Sounded against the providence of God, but that’s how technology can sometimes make all the impossible becomes real.

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