Do you do Long distance Relationship ? To make it imperishable you have to do some tips. Here are 10 of them .

  1. Make a list of ‘ reasons to stay with ‘ . Jacey Eckhart often complain about her husband Brad Skillman living separately with her . But then he siasati by making a list , ‘ why do they choose to live apart ‘ . By Jacey , when he was starting to despair , he saw the list again and remember things sweet . Brad was doing the same thing .
  2. Avoid the ‘ who has the most sacrifice ‘ . Often without realizing it , we arrive at the point , who has the most sacrifice or calculations . Elizabeth Ann West also got frustrated and feel of the partner Joshua West . He was always the one who is always working hard to stay in touch . While Joshua was actually not not want to reply but is on its way which does not allow reply . In the end , Elizabeth felt there was no point in trying to determine who is the most hard to maintain a relationship .
  3. Choosing the right time in communication . LDR couples memlih always a great time when communicating , especially when they are in the span of one area to another area differently . They choose the moment that is really fit to meet ( even in cyberspace ) and communicate . This applies also to maintain the relationship , to choose the right time when shared . If he’s moody in the morning or come home after work , then avoid to start a serious conversation . Enjoy and choose the right moment .
  4. Be spontaneous in expressing affection . Elizabeth wrote a love letter to her husband every morning . That was then , he applied the same way but in a different method . For example, by putting the words of love in the shower , on the sidelines of a breakfast plate or notes . Believe , LDR couples have always had a genuine way of expressing affection and sometimes much more spontaneous .
  5. Plan a day together . Busy with activities or daily routine , try to schedule a day to spend time together . Without a plan and just relax .
  6. Do not hesitate to ask for help a third party . If facing similar problems , there is no harm in asking for help or a third party . Same could be friends or if in extreme conditions can involve the therapist .
  7. Do not try to read minds . Secar ‘s good verbal communication or direct . Often occurring problem arises only because of reading the mind or body language and feel understood . LDR couples , always deliver what they think is right , because it did not meet face to face . And it also can be applied for in order to maintain their relationship . We are not psychics who know what it felt and thought by the couple without express them .
  8. Find a very enjoyable hobby . If you often feel lonely and alone , why not choose have a positive activity . For example, with cooking classes or embroider . Depending hobby that interests you. This will make himself active . For a married actually be together often feels bored . Each one should have a fun activity or hobby .
  9. Reduce the load . Do not burden yourself and your partner too much . For example, never make a list of what to do if together , then create a minimum. Too much pressure and expectations will potentially be a problem in the future .
  10. Talk about a light in life . Taxes , home improvements , bills , these topics are important but should not be discussed any time . With limited time to be together , for example, then avoid stressful conversations . Occasionally try to be more relaxed and discussed the conversation light . Could become a lasting relationship and at the same time to live.

That’s the Tips from us. You wanna try ? Hopefully usefull for your relationship. Good Luck 🙂

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