In sexual intercourse , both men and women need to know where the sensitive area for them .A touch is very important to start the ‘ warm up ‘ for the partners to be more excited to play with you in bed . There are some sensitive points in the body of a woman . Sure, these tips should be given to the men . But it would not hurt if you know , in order to help couples find ways to satisfy you .

For areas of the face , lips is the best fishing spot a woman is more passionate in sex. A sweet kiss to lure a woman to be warmer and appreciate her intimate relationship with a partner .

Neck side
Area in addition to the neck can be a tempting one location . Women with long necks are usually very able to enjoy a touch , a kiss and a sigh breath in this area . Ask him to indulge you in this area while making love .

However , touch on the breast is always needed in sexual intercourse . On this area can affect the emotions of a man when women make love . Heartbeat , feeling and sensuality combined in most point of most men ‘s favorite .

Putting Breast Area
Putting on the breast are usually more sensitive than the area of the breast . After touching the breast area , usually a man will be more tempting to touch this sensitive point .

Pelvic area closer to the sex organs , therefore after exploring the area , hips into a fun point . Hips do not easily amused , yet easy to make a woman feel more sexy .

Area Thighs In
Section closest to the vagina has become ‘almost the best for the last ‘ . If you want to flirt with women more effectively in bed , this area became the most sensitive areas .

Feet and paws
Actually this area is an area that sexy to be seen , can also be a very exciting area . But most couples fail to find enjoyment in this area .

Here’s a little glimpse of the sexiest areas owned by women . Find out which are the most fun for you .

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