Most people are morning person or people who always get up early. Look, up at 6 am is not unusual, and some even got up early. Many of the recommendations of the grandparents not to sleep late, later taken sustenance chicken. That’s one piece of advice that still retained. But .. The advice can be broken.

Wake up late is not always synonymous with lazy. Recent research conducted at the University of Madrid 1,000 adolescents showed that those late risers are more successful in the working world. Children who wake up early are more clever, but now have entered the world of work, they are late risers superior and successful, reported.

The results are almost as proposed by the University of Southampton. Late risers had a greater income and more successful. They can easily live in a comfortable home, have a car and have a more relaxed job with a high income. Meanwhile research by the U.S. Air Force shows up late they tend to be more creative than those who get up early.

According to Jim Horne, a professor of psychophysiology of Loughborough University, people who stay up late tend to be sociable and creative, they can easily become an artist, inventor, entrepreneur. While those who sleep early and get up early and most likely diligent work as a government employee or accountant.

So wanna get up late ?

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