Laksmi buffalo BBC images

Laksmi buffalo BBC images

A farmer in India managed to sell a buffalo with a record of highest price of 2.5 million yen, or about USD 410 million. Kapoor Singh in the state of Haryana, told the BBC that the type of Murrah buffalo, named Lakshmi was sold to a rancher home state of Andhra Pradesh. Murrah buffalo species is much sought after because of its high milk products but usually worth only about 100,000 to 250,000 rupees.

Usually these buffaloes became the pride of the farmers.

Lakshmi Singh bought about two years ago at a price of 250,000 rupees and now he claims he can buy a small luxury car from sale of Lakshmi, though he would use for other purposes.

According to Lakshmi is special because buffalo can produce 28 liters of milk every day and has received several awards for highest milk production record.

“I do not want to sell it, but the new owners meet my asking price. He came last year and 190,000 rupees and my bid rejected. Buffalo He is very like it and made a video of it and put it on the village,” said Singh.

“I’m very excited to get my asking price. I will use that money for my daughter’s wedding,” he added.

Lakshmi Singh himself will be left to the new village and a new owner, Rajiv sarpanch, Sunday, August 11.

Sarpanch told the Hindustan Times newspaper said the competition will include Lakshmi in cattle in Andhra Pradesh in January next year, the prize of one kilogram of gold.

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